Our Path Structure

Introduction to the Path Structure

The human journey is a process of unfolding, and the path of meditation is a vehicle that enables us to participate in this ever evolving process. The path structure established by the Refuge Meditation Group serves as a skeletal formation of principles and practices that are intended to guide the practitioner to deeper and deeper experiences of their own humanity. Furthermore, it serves as a platform that invites each practitioner to gift their Self to the community by sharing the insights and experiences that resonate with them through practice, writing, song, dance, art, conversation and silence.

The path structure is multi-tiered approach to spirituality that reflects the stages of maturation embedded in the human life cycle. Level one begins with a “small group” in which practitioners are invited into the practices within the context of a support group. In the “small group” setting the practices are introduced in a group setting and each person is encouraged to share their experiences—frustrations and insights—with other practitioners walking the path. The first level small group concludes with a wilderness retreat. Each successive level unfolds on an individual basis in relationship with the teacher, as the teacher and student see fit.

All path structure work is done on a donation basis, though practitioners are expected to pay for their food on the retreats.

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